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5 Tips For An Indie Band Going On Tour

You’ve got your sticks, picks, and kicks, and it’s time to get on the road to show the world your tricks. Your drummer is jazzed, your guitarist is electrified, and the passion is through the roof. But before you step out your door with your gear in hand, make sure you’ve thought about some key ingredients for tour success.

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Safe Ways To Sustain Energy While On Tour

When you’re getting paid to travel the country (or the world!) to play music, you might think the “rockstar” lifestyle is the way to go. But even the most successful professional musicians are quick to say how important it is to stay healthy on tour. Ultimately, performing every night is the easy part. Getting enough rest, sustaining your energy, and staying healthy while you’re cramped inside a tour bus on long drives is harder. 

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The Legalities Of Touring

You’ve read these tour articles a thousand times — I’ve written plenty of them. By this point it’s no surprise that touring is hard. It’s no surprise that touring is expensive. And it’s no surprise that making your money back doesn’t often happen for DIY bands on their first couple of trips.

That said however, there are legalities to consider. A band is a business, whether you want it to be or not. A tour is a venture. And musicians are people who bring their own lives and difficulties to the table. So when you’re looking to tour, consider some of the legal problems that could stop you from being able to fully experience or continue to tour in the future!

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The Single Most Important Lesson I Learned On Tour

Touring is a complex, daunting, and exciting thing. As an independent band, you might think the hardest thing about touring is booking all the gigs. But you’d be wrong.

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4 Most Important iPhone Apps On Tour

When it comes to U.S. and Canadian musicians, it seems that we’ve chosen Apple to provide us with the best mobile devices. Some musicians tend to choose Android, but for the most part we seem pretty set on the iPhone. Whether that’s my old hand-me-down iPhone 5 from family or the newer, fancier kind of models, it just seems that we all enjoy those the best. That said, I think it’s well overdue that we put together a list of the best iPhone apps to have on the road (besides Maps, because, you know, duh). These are my most used apps that are specifically beneficial to touring.

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Going Mobile: 4 Great Ways Your Band Can Save Money On The Road

Three words on the first-time DIY tour experience: exhilarating, difficult, and rewarding. Sandwiched between the positives – between the thrill and the sense of accomplishment – there’s the reality of what it takes to get it done. If you don’t understand DIY is going to be difficult, you’re coming at your first tour with expectations akin to fantasy.

When my band embarked on a three-week West Coast tour three years ago, we had no idea what we were doing. We weren’t rich, but we didn’t even look at advice on inexpensive touring. And we were at each other’s throats. But we survived. I’m here now to impart some of what I learned to you, so you don’t make some of the same money mistakes we did. I can just hear you now, saying, “Thanks, Dad.” 
You’re welcome.

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A Musician's Guide To Simple Drinking

The difference between an athlete and a musician is that while the former can’t drink on the job, the latter often do. But as with all drinking, uncontrolled, there can be consequences. Here’s a guide to simple drinking: for musicians.

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Tour Prep: Van Accidents

Henry Rollins wrote a book in 1994 entitled “Get In The Van,” which encourages young artists to put aside previous concerns and take a risk by starting their music career. However, he may have missed the part about when the van flips over… literally. It’s not uncommon for a vehicle accident to happen to bands on tour in fact, The Early November did it within their first two weeks of their first official tour - and look where they are now. So, the he question arises - what are the best ways to prepare, avoid, and handle such situations?

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