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6 Tips For Musicians Marketing Themselves For The First Time

One of the hardest things about the music business is marketing yourself. Bigger artists are able to hire professionals, but what about the myriad other skilled yet overlooked musicians out there?

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40 Ways Bands Can Use Social Media To Increase Engagement At Shows

If you’re a musician, you’re probably using social media in some way to promote your music, invite people to shows, and stay in touch with your fans. We do this so often, we end up going through the motions of engagement without thinking about how the activity affects our SMARTER goals or how we can apply some more creativity to these tools.

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Sell More Music & Segment

This article originally appeared on the Internal Affairs blog.

I’ve noticed that a lot of marketing blogs completely forget to teach their readers the basics and jump straight in to the deep end with marketing. The readers look on bewildered, yet gagging for their marketing “quick fixes” - I know, I was (kind of) one of them when I was younger. 

To understand the very basics of marketing will allow even the most inexperienced “musicpreneur” to take the most basic concepts and create a unique, creative and effective marketing campaign from them. Therefore, that’s why my goal at Internal Affairs is to introduce the very basics before anything else.  

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