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10 Unlikely Blogs Where Songwriters Should Seek Inspiration

Guest post by Sammy Hakim. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

One of the questions I get asked most frequently as a professional songwriter is: “How do you stay inspired when writing every day?” And it’s a valid question — one with multiple answers!

Songwriters like me often draw from personal life and experience, or from the experiences of those around us; which is probably true of almost any writer in any literary format. But we may also get inspired by and invested in the characters in TV shows, films, and books as well. In fact, it is completely possible to get inspired by anything and everything in the world around you as a creative person. As long as you’re looking for it…

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The Tale Of The Flute And The Toothed Beast

The internet can be a cruel place.
Recently, Welsh alt-rock trio The Joy Formidable released their third full length album, ‘Hitch’. Adored for years by critics, it seemed like only a matter of time before TJF before some wanted to knock them off the pedestal their towering rhythms and melodies had allowed them to climb to. Whilst there have been mixed reviews across the board for their latest effort, one review has been thrust to the forefront of discussion, with casualties on either side.

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