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Should You Build A Bedroom Studio?

Many musicians wonder if they should take the plunge and invest in turning their bedroom into a studio. After all, they’re playing music all the time, anyway.

So, why not?

Well, the answer to the aforementioned question really depends on your goals. If you’re a hobbyist who enjoys jamming alone or with a couple of friends, you may not actually need a studio. In fact, you could get away with playing virtually anywhere in your home (as long as nobody files a noise complaint with local law enforcement). 

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4 Essentials Every Recording Studio Needs To Have In Place

Whether you’re making your own music or setting up shop for others, a recording studio can be an incredible place. It’s in the studio that aspirations can become a reality. However, a studio alone isn’t enough to create a quality recording experience. You need to give it all the necessary amenities. Here are four essentials every recording studio needs to have in place.

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Avoiding Acoustic Treatments That Don't Work

With acoustic treatment potentially costing producers a lot of money, cheap alternatives have become popular. However, a lot of these common acoustic treatments don’t work well in studios. Here’s a list of alternatives you should avoid.

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3 Common Recording Studio Construction Mistakes

If you’re a serious musician, you’ve probably considered building your own space at home for playing and recording music. A home studio used to involve a lot of work and a huge expense, but in recent years recording technology has become more user friendly and less expensive, making it possible for anyone to create a recording space that operates on their schedule.

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