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The Way Music Influences Student’s Mental Activity

Music is an integral part of most people. The research proves that students make 85 percent of all humans who listen to music more than two hours daily. It helps people relax, distract from problems, and even create the imaginary world full of positive emotions. Some individuals prefer creating music for listening. This activity reveals feelings and provides an aggression outlet.

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For Musicians, College Is The Great Dilemma 

When it comes to making music your full-time thing, it’s just as much about drive and who you know as it is anything else. If you have the drive to play every day, you play every day; if you have the drive to tirelessly promote online and book shows for your band, you do it; if you want to record until your songs are captured perfectly for the listener, you record; if you want to put together a great press package and submit to record labels — you get the point. 
If music is all about drive and passion, college seem ancillary. It’s like recommended reading. Great to get some context, but not absolutely necessary.    
I would argue that college does offer something extremely valuable for musicians: experience.

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