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Digital Music Distribution To China

Musicinfo advocates independent musicians by connecting them to digital distribution and social media services in China.

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Meet The Man Who Live Streamed The First Concert With Ben Harper

Today, we take music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud for granted, despite their relatively new existence. The growth of digital consumption over the past decade has far exceeded any other period in the music distribution timeline. We decided to take a closer look at how music streaming services came to fruition, beginning with the very first platforms. One such platform was Virgin Jamcast, founded by Scott Roulet in partnership with Virgin Entertainment.

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How Your Distributor Can Help Increase Your Revenue

We’re excited to announce our new video YouTube series Music Biz 101. The focus of the video series will be to create videos that can help our community of artist and record label learn about all the different subjects in the music industry. We ‘ll be covering topics from royalty collection, management, music marketing and more.

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How To Advance Your Music Career In A Digital Age

Being a musician these days is tough! Back in the good ‘ol days, artists just had to worry about learning their craft and booking shows, hoping to get radio support along the way that could eventually get you signed to a label. But today things have gotten a bit more complicated. But with every challenge there always lies opportunity. This opportunity is that we now have more access to information than ever before–information is knowledge. Now all the barriers of entry only large record labels knew about are out there in the open. With a bit of research and time, we know the industry works and we know how musicians can make money in it.

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The Difficulties Of Preserving Digital Music

Fully embracing the possibilities of digital media may have some repercussions in the future, particularly in terms of how viable it might be to preserve the music we love.

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How To Choose The Best Digital Distributor For You

Part and parcel of getting your music out there into the world is ensuring that you can be found in all the right stores.

I say “right” because, not everybody will want full coverage in every store, and appropriateness of certain services or platforms will be down to your judgement but generally most artists will likely want to get their music onto many of the key online stores and streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Shazam and so on.

There are a few ways of doing this.

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