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Brand Your Music With An Innovative Domain Name

Ever since the days of Myspace, artists and musicians have known that leveraging their presence in the digital space can lead to greater success. Using social media and the internet to strategically build your brand helps fans find you. Beyond that, it boosts your credibility with venues and, these days, even the labels. Many artists know social media is a powerful way to connect with fans, but training them to go to another website like Facebook to find you isn’t necessarily the best long-term strategy. It makes more sense to steer your fans to an online address that you control.

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Call To Action: DotMusic Looks To Fairly Administer The .music Domain With Safeguards

We are about to enter into the world of the .music realm, as the domain will soon be available for registration for the first time.  In other words, www.[yourname].music will soon become a possibility.  Constantine Roussos, the leader of DotMusic, is leading this charge. DotMusic wants to be the neutral administrator of the distribution of these domains.  DotMusic’s goal: to clean up the online music community by allowing music artists, music professionals and music companies to claim the domains that are rightfully theirs.

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