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Long Live EDM

By Matt Mannino from Berklee’s Music Business Journal.

The electronic music industry has grown up. Attendances at Electronic Dance Music festivals in the United States exploded between 2007 and 2014, going from 145,000 people to 1.4 million. This has made EDM the poster child for the millennial music industry, for no other music genre or industry sector can compare in performance (a tenfold increase in audience is equivalent to a staggering 34% annual growth rate).

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Dance And Death: The EDM Scene Problem No One Wants To Talk About

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is the newest craze among teenagers and young adults. At huge festivals, thousands of people dance and groove to the pulsating music offered by various DJs. On the surface, these dance festivals are a positive group of people simply wanting to dress any way they prefer and jump around to their favorite songs. However, there’s an underground drug culture that’s putting many people at risk. Drug overdoses, assaults, and even fatalities have marred the EDM scene as of late. A look at the underbelly of this scene and the issues involved could help us understand how to address them.

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