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Berklee Online Adds Grassroots Touring Course

With income related to live performances accounting for 60-80% of most musicians incomes, it has never been more important to build and sustain a touring career. Grassroots Touring, a new course authored by music industry veteran Bruce Houghton, is designed to teach just that.

Houghton is the editor of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank and the president of the Skyline Artists Agency and a Senior Advisor to Bandsintown.

During the 12 week college level course, which debuts with the July summer semester, the students will explore how to launch a touring career from scratch. They’ll learn how to create a memorable live performance; book, negotiate, and market only the right shows; capture a loyal fan base; tour regionally and nationally and build a success story that helps expand their entire career.

There’s more info online here.


The Way Music Influences Student’s Mental Activity

Music is an integral part of most people. The research proves that students make 85 percent of all humans who listen to music more than two hours daily. It helps people relax, distract from problems, and even create the imaginary world full of positive emotions. Some individuals prefer creating music for listening. This activity reveals feelings and provides an aggression outlet.

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How To Read Piano Notes And Keys - Visual Teaching Material For Piano Teachers

Sight reading plays a huge role in instrument learning, not just piano. 

And yes, most beginners hesitate and neglect in sight reading because it requires left brain functions: memorizing stuff and thinking logically.

That’s why I created a visual guide on how to read piano notes and keys. With friendly illustrations, it would help students acquire the information much faster, easier.

Below is the summary infographic for the guide. You can click here to learn more about the original guide with two different approaches to learn the pitch names: Left-brained and right-brained.

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Is Formal Education Important For Musicians

The issue of whether musicians should pursue formal education or remain self-taught is causing heated debate in recent days. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, therefore, as a musician, do not be pushed by what people are saying. It’s important that you do your due diligence, weigh the pros and cons of going to college then make your decision yourself.

According to some self-taught individuals in the music industry who range from singers to guitarists and producers, being self-taught gives you the opportunity to be adventurous and therefore, more creative. They are not limited by any guidelines unlike those that went to college. In music schools, people are taught the same things which just gets them set on the same ground and mostly tend to release the same kind of music. That sounds boring, doesn’t it? There is hope though, since the making of music does not only depend on one factor and formal education might be more helpful than you thought.

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Why Everyone Should Try An Instrument At Least Once

But I kept that old bass guitar and every once in a while, I get it out of its case. I strum my fingers across its strings and our two children cover their ears in mortification. I’ll never regret my time spent dabbling in music, primarily for what it taught me about my family, myself, and the real world.

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For Musicians, College Is The Great Dilemma 

When it comes to making music your full-time thing, it’s just as much about drive and who you know as it is anything else. If you have the drive to play every day, you play every day; if you have the drive to tirelessly promote online and book shows for your band, you do it; if you want to record until your songs are captured perfectly for the listener, you record; if you want to put together a great press package and submit to record labels — you get the point. 
If music is all about drive and passion, college seem ancillary. It’s like recommended reading. Great to get some context, but not absolutely necessary.    
I would argue that college does offer something extremely valuable for musicians: experience.

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New Music Licensing Course Now Available From New Artist Model Online Music Business School

GET YOUR MUSIC LICENSED is an online training program that teaches students how to prepare and license their music for film, TV, games and online placements.  The 6 month program shows musicians where to pitch their music and how to pitch it to ensure they get noticed. 

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5 Rewarding Careers to Explore With a Music Degree

While many people dream of becoming a musician, most people assume there are limited career options. However, there are actually many exciting jobs available to music degree graduates. Below introduces five rewarding careers available to those with a music degree.

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