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Nick Cave’s 9 Primary Bedevilments Of Creativity

Guest post by Will Marshall. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

Over the last few decades, there have been few songwriters as enduring or influential as Nick Cave. Originally of the anarchically violent post-punk band The Birthday Party, he subsequently formed the seminal Bad Seeds and has been releasing critically acclaimed music for four decades. He’s also a poet, a novelist, a screenwriter, and a film composer, sharing as much creative DNA with authors and visual artists as his cohorts in the post-punk movement.

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Symphony Of Fear: What Makes A Great Horror Soundtrack

All movies have to try to make a viewer believe in the realism of what is happening the screen, but horror movies face a unique task of trying to make viewers be in fear of a bunch of moving pictures. To build an atmosphere of tension and dread they have to utilize the whole range of tools, and the soundtrack takes a special place in that effort. From “Shining” to a B-tier monster movie, there’s no mistaking a horror movie soundtrack with any other genre. But what makes great and effective dreadful soundtrack?


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