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How To Protect The Headliners At Your Summer Music Festival

Summer music festivals are a joy for entertainment lovers. If you’re in charge of this type of summertime extravaganza, you have many big responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to protect all of the people who attend your event. You have to protect the musical acts who perform at it, too. Keeping your hard-working festival headliners safe and happy should always be one of your biggest priorities.

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10 Music Festivals Around The World: Exciting But Unheard Of

Guest post by Eva of Blue Oceans PR

From India to China and Lithuania - here’s a list of the most interesting music festivals around the world

April 5, 2019. Here are 10 of the best festivals around the world that most people have never hear about, collected by travel website Smart Lemur.

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Learning To Love Music Festivals As A Sober Person

Music festivals and nightclubs may seem like places to avoid if you’re recently sober. That might be true, if the scene is a specific trigger for your addiction. However, attending music festivals sober can be a fantastic experience and a welcome opportunity.

Here is a series of tips and tricks for joining up with your peers in recovery who also love music. Keep safe and protect your good health by learning to attend music festivals clean and sober.

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How To Accommodate Fans At An Outdoor Music Festival

Outdoor music festivals can be amazing experiences for people who adore great tunes. If you’re a fan of live music, good energy, and joy, you’re probably a big festival enthusiast. Festival organizers should always go above and beyond to make their guests feel 100 percent comfortable and at ease. They can do so in a handful of different ways, too.

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The World's First Facebook Live Festival 

Harnessing the power of Facebook Live, new music blog Right Chord Music has created a new type of music festival, inviting bands and artists from across the world to takeover their Facebook newsfeed.

The Takeover Festival takes place 18th, 19th and 20th August. Tune in to watch from the Right Chord Music Facebook Page.

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