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Trust Is The Next Big Data Opportunity

This year, the battle lines are being drawn in the fight for consumer privacy.

In January, Apple CEO Tim Cook, took a stand for consumer privacy rights in an article for Time Magazine, asserting that consumers have a right to know how their data is being used.

The past few years have been like the “wild west” in data harvesting. Taking a stand for consumer privacy at this moment in time is a calculated move on Apple’s part. Building trust around data and privacy is necessary in today’s digital world.

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On The Future Of Remote Music Collaboration

One of the primary functions of technology is democratization. The democratization of knowledge through higher access to information and more affordable and sophisticated products and services.

Musicians have benefitted immensely from these technological advancements where olfactory gatekeepers are becoming increasingly redundant and traditional barriers are broken down literally by the year. 

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The Future Of Drumming

The lives of musicians are radically different than they have ever been before. The tools at our disposal are phenomenally powerful, and while they are no longer the same as they once were — and this fact upsets some people — they are opening new avenues of musical creation. Even the physical act of playing one’s instrument is at times different than it could ever have been in the past. A whole new generation of technology is entering the market and revolutionizing the way drummers see themselves as musicians (and the way that they practice their instruments).

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