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Why (And How) To Practice In Gig Conditions

Today I’m going to share with you a pretty major secret of great guitar practice (or any instrumental/vocal practice really). As you may have guessed from the title, it’s to practice in gig conditions!

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Acoustic Guitars 101: How To Pick Your First One

Picking your first Acoustic Guitar can be hard and should not be done hurriedly. There are a lot of acoustic guitars to choose from, but knowing the factors to consider before picking one will help narrow down your options. Here are some steps you should take to ensure you do not make a mistake. 

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20 Guitars From Different Eras [Infographic]

As a beginning guitarist, the world is your oyster. You have a variety of opportunities at your fingertips. You not only get to decide what type of guitar you want to play, but also what style and genre of music you want to learn.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned player needing some inspiration, check out the interactive graphic below. On it you can view 20 types of guitars from different eras, as well as the legends who played them.

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Preparing For The First (Or Any) Guitar Performance 

In order to look professional and avoid creating an image of a silly musical rookie, it is within the interest of any guitarist to create and follow a certain effective pre-show routine. A specific “code”, that will protect her from potential failures and furthermore – help her to stand out among other acts in a better way.

Since it is not 1931 (the year when the first electric guitar was created), this guide will examine the preparation for both unplugged shows and the ones that involves cables and amplifiers. But whichever guitar you have - always have an extra pack of strings. A pack of spare strings should always be in your guitar case, as a medical kit in the bag of a soldier. 

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How To Reach Any Guitar Teaching, Music Career Or Guitar Playing Goal Quickly

It’s very easy to become a massively successful professional musician, guitar instructor or guitar player when you follow these three steps:

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How To Get Over String Breaking Phobia Once And For All

A baby lion is not afraid of running alone in the vastness of savanna. The same behavior can be typical for a guitarist, who has only begun a long journey into the diverse world of music. One of the points that he discovers very soon, is that many people - including skilled musicians who use the same instrument-, tend to overreact over little things. And often times it leads to the constant discomfort from even such a regular process as pulling the strings. A human brain is capable of getting rid of many psychological obstacles. And a string breaking phobia is not an exception.

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8 Music Crowdfunding Campaigns We’ve Got Our Eyes On And Why

Guest post by Jeremy Young. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

It’s all about the story. Fundraising experts will say this time and time again: “People fund people, not ideas.” In other words, when asking for money, what tends to get through to your audience the most is having a compelling and personal story, and a drive to succeed, not necessarily a great business idea.

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Power Chord: 4 Equipment Essentials Every Electric Guitarist Needs

Playing the electric guitar can be a lot of fun for many reasons. It can help you perform some of your favorite tunes in the world. It can even help you write a few incredible songs you can call your own. If you want to take complete advantage of your guitar proficiency, though, you need to make sure to invest in these four vital pieces of equipment.

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Guitar Terms 

There are a slew of guitar terms to learn when you’re just beginning. If you want to be a successful player you need to learn chords and strumming techniques but also terminology. This is a complete list of guitar terms to get you started!

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Things To Look Out For When Getting Your First Guitar

Buying a guitar can be a tough proposition especially if you would love to balance aspects such as sound quality, beauty, weight, brand preference, and size. For beginners, it is a norm to have the false perception that all guitars are the same. 
That may be the case since many beginners are overly concerned with the “playing session” aspect rather than having regard for important details such as the quality of sound that a guitar chord produces. For the intentions of simplifying your guitar buying guide, this article discusses some of the important things you must take into consideration. 

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6 Music Business Skills All Guitarists Need To Know

For the most part, the music business skills guitarists need to build aren’t that different from skills other musicians should be equipping themselves with. Communication and networking skills. Marketing, image and branding. Punctuality and professionalism. Money and time management.

However, there are also some obscure or counterintuitive skills that guitarists should take the time to develop, like the ability to teach, write, or speak.

Have I piqued your interest? Then let’s delve in. here are six music business skills all guitarists need to know.

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