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Top 7 Ways To Know If Your Song Is Ready For Release

Often, whenever an unready indie musician approaches me about possible music promotion, they say things like “You must hear this amazing song that I made” or “I am ready to explode onto the scene” or worse yet “I have created something no one has ever heard before!” 
Look, I get the enthusiasm, I really do, but the on-the-surface excitement felt by a musician hyped on their own new music must be scaled back a bit, in-order to see the whole picture that is.
There are always going to be those who rush to the finish line, those who think that paying their dues, or putting in the effort do not apply to them; but, they apply to almost everyone, and how you craft your song is one part creative, one part skill, and another part industry rules.
It is great to have enthusiasm and confidence, but let’s focus on the music here. 
So, without further ado, here are seven great ways to tell if your song is ready to release.

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Do You Want To Give Up? No! These Methods Will Help You


Sometimes, we fell like we do not have the willingness or ability to continue doing something and give before reaching the goal. The reasons for such thinking could be very different: we might hit a road block or begin to question whether it was worth to come to that point at all. Or, our mentality tells us that we should stop because the goal cannot be reached by people like us. Hundreds of thousands of people feel this way every day and as the result, they fail to do what they wanted and go home hoping that next time will be different. 

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