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AWAL Flatter Unsigned Artists And Inhibit Independence

Every unsigned musician wants the same thing: Someone to listen to their music, love their music and help them make a career from their music. This quest for the life changing moment is perfectly dramatised by shows like the X-Factor who make it sound so perfect and simple. You rock-up to an audition, sing your heart out and you become a star.

However, what these shows don’t explain is the business model behind the glamour. Who is paying? How does the artist gets paid? and does this actually represent a good deal for the artist? FYI signing away a large percentage of your future income for all previous and future releases without any guaranteed you’ll make final is unlikely to be a good deal.

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What Music Supervisors Really Think About Indie Music

So, what do music supervisors really think about indie artists and/or labels? What are their thoughts when they get a submission from a startup label or local musician in their already cluttered inboxes? Do they see the message and automatically think, ‘oh wow, not another indie, don’t they know we’re a big deal?’ Do they shade indie artists and wish that they were never born? Well, check out this interview to help answer your questions to how to increase your chances of securing a use of your song in film or television.

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Free Streaming - A Musician's Saving Grace

The topic of free music on the internet has been a point of discussion since the late 90’s, and with how much the industry and culture as a whole has evolved with technological progress, the conversation has changed a reasonable amount. In 2015, we have somewhat of a mediary with streaming services that don’t allow downloads, but let the music be listened to for free. While the debate can go back and forth between the opinion that artists shouldn’t care to the claim that streaming does nothing for an artist financially, I’m here to defend the thought that maybe it actually does. 

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