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The Benefits Of Having Good Networking Skills Can Lead To Lucrative Opportunities

Article By: Young Cory

Artists signed to major record labels and well seasoned independent record labels have the luxury of being surrounded by a team. This includes but not limited to, a Lawyer, A&R, Manager, Record Label Executive, etc. As a collective their job is to take care and handle the business affairs of any recording artist (songwriters/producers) under their tutelage, while also utilizing their unique connections and cachet. It’s much easier to execute and focus on creating music when you have an adept team whose tirelessly working for you. For newly independent artist (Labels) it’s not quite the same. In the beginning stages you’ll usually have to do all the hard work alone until you’re able to hire, or partner with individuals that will promote, develop, and help with the improvement of your career (brand). To reach new heights you must remain very passionate about your brand. No one should be more excited and willing to expand alongside make new connections than yourself.

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Avoid Failure Simply By Speaking To Your Audience

What elements might you say make up the perfect record label?

If you could have a label which did everything right, both internally and externally, what would it look like? How would it perform? What composite parts would form the basis?

I think to nail down such a tall order, you have to consider at least three key points of view. In order of importance they are…

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