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Musical Mayhem: 4 Issues That Could Destroy Your Flourishing Band

Being in a band is a dream that many people have growing up. For most, their dream ends after high school or after getting tired of playing small gigs for family or friends. However, there are a chosen few groups that gain fame across the country and throughout the world. What are some issues that could derail that success?

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Top 5 Things Record Labels Look For

So you’re a bit of a bad ass, huh? You’ve got the sound that’s waiting to be discovered and are ready for the big leagues. Just because you’ve got the sound doesn’t mean you’ve got the deal these days. Now you’re thinking to yourself, what do record labels look for when signing an artist?
Here are the top five things record labels look for in an artist before giving them a deal.

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5 Questions For A Music Industry Expert - Ariel Hyatt Interviews Julie Flanders Of October Project

Julie Flanders is an expert in Creative Leadership, Self Expression and Change. She provides creative business consulting, excellence training, whole life coaching balanced-lifestyle approaches and dream achievement. She is also the founding member of the influential pop rock group October Project. 

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Avoid Failure Simply By Speaking To Your Audience

What elements might you say make up the perfect record label?

If you could have a label which did everything right, both internally and externally, what would it look like? How would it perform? What composite parts would form the basis?

I think to nail down such a tall order, you have to consider at least three key points of view. In order of importance they are…

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