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How Does Music Engage The Brain And Evoke Feelings Of Nostalgia Amongst Listeners? 

Humans are surrounded by music. It is undeniable that it affects people’s moods and emotions. But even more than that, it has the power to transport listeners to a very particular date, time or event. The songs we listen to and love become woven into a neural tapestry reminiscing seasons, people and locations. I will attempt to discover exactly how music engages broad neural networks in the brain and how it can be used in neuro-therapy to help brain injured patients recall personal memories. 

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Top Ten Metal Records For People Who Don't Think They Like Metal

Heavy metal is a rich genre, but to the casual listener, it often just sounds like a bunch of noise. The blistering riffs, machine-gun drums, and screaming vocals can send many people running as far away as they can. And for a long while, that included me. But, through a fortuitous string of events, I discovered that I love metal, with all of its raw power and crushing beauty. But there are many metal records that offer all of the same heaviness with a healthy dose of conventional beauty. If you’ve been curious about metal, here are ten albums that offer all the power of heavy metal without all the chaos.

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