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Take Some Notes—4 Ways To Deepen Your Love Of Music

Music can help improve memory and mood. It is also just fun. If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with music, here are some guaranteed ways to do that.

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Ancient Music In Your Headphones? It’s Possible, Thanks To Historians

A few ardent historians have undertaken the immense effort of resurrecting some of the oldest pieces of music available and making them accessible to the general public. Here are three ways you can take a listen.

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Here Are The Top 2 Music Accessories You Need This Summer

For music lovers, though, summer simply isn’t the same without these two accessories: a Bluetooth speaker and a pair of great of headphones.

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Most Popular Music Genres: It Is Completely Different Than You Believe

Music comes in many different forms and not all of them are equally popular. Maybe you are into a specific type of music and maybe you like 1 or 2 genres more, but the thing is, most people prefer just one genre. This can be useful to new musicians, due to the fact they can start their career in the music genre that is most popular. This would definitely make the things easier. You may believe that POP music is the #1 in the world, but it isn’t. Now you will see the most popular music genres in the world.

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How To Listen Objectively

As humans we are adaptable. Hearing a song for the first time you might notice a part that
will jump out and make you take notice in either a good or bad way. Upon the 2nd and 3rd
listen, that part could become part of the “character” of the song or even something that
makes the recording unique. How do we really know what contributes to the character of
the mix and what is a flaw? Music is art and art is subjective by nature.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Music Every Single Day

Music is an important part of people’s life and it will stay like that. Well, after reading this article it will probably become an even more important part of your life. Music has many benefits it provides on the human health and mood, and all benefits are useful. As the answer to all of that, you should listen to music daily, rather than occasionally. In addition, the type of music you listen may have specific advantages.

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How To Maximize Your Music Collection On Your Phone

If you enjoy having access to your digital music collection on the go, you may feel a bit limited by what your smartphone can do as an audio playback device. With the right tools and strategies, however, you can maximize your smartphone music collection so that you can always delight in a great listening experience wherever you may be.

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How Your Choice Of Music Affects Productivity

Imagine movies or TV shows without music. No music to cue the scenes or to add the suspense, the drama, the romance, etc. It’s hard, right? Music, for sure, makes the world more colorful. It adds life and personality to everyday things. It’s regarded as one of the achievements of the human creativity.

Music affects us in so many ways. In fact, some studies prove it benefits our health significantly. Certain types of music improve sleep quality, reduces stress and anxiety, decreases pain, boost memory, and many more.

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Millennial's Relationship To Music Consumption, By A Millenial

After reading Pierre Priot’s impressions on the relationship my generation has to music consumption (published here few days ago) I felt that, as a Millennial myself I should share my personal view on the matter. Although I can only relate to the European market, and from my own environment, I hope my thoughts will give you more insights into my generation’s mind.

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An Open Letter To Jimmy Iovine

I respect your career. I often list you as a role model even though we’ve never met.

That is why it hurts me to know that you think that I am busy chatting about boys and wishing one of them would put together a soundtrack for those conversations.

That is why it hurts me to think that you put women in a music-less box where you have to hand deliver their next favorite song.

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Listen Anywhere: The Best Apps And Accessories For Music Lovers

You use your smartphone for just about everything these days. Sending emails, playing games, connecting with old friends on social media… So why not listen to your favorite tunes while you walk the dog? But with so many apps and accessories out there, how do you know which ones will work for you? Here are a few options perfect for music lovers.

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