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Rest And Relaxation: How To Chill Out After The Show

Performing can be an incredibly strenuous task. Though touring musicians might think that all they have to do is simply get up on stage each night, performing night after night is actually a great way to seriously hurt your voice and body in the long run. Even if you’re not on tour, it is important to have warm up and cool down exercises for before and after the show so you can stay focused and consistent in the days after. Since you’re likely already familiar with many different ways to warm up, here are four tips on how to relax after a big show:

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Music Show Admission: Sales Management For Your Venue

Performing live at music shows is always such a rush. You play or sing to overjoyed fans and it seems like the rest of the world melts away. But it’s also necessary to think about practical elements such as admission and merchandise sales.

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Stage Design: How To Create A Venue That’s Set To Thrill

Planning an event that everyone will enjoy is challenging, but extremely satisfying if successful. One of the key steps in ensuring the success of your event is choosing and creating a venue that will leave your guests awed. This article will outline how to create this kind of venue in five easy steps.

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Fight For Your Rights: What To Do After Being Arrested At A Concert

Going to a concert is supposed to be a fun way to enjoy an evening. However, if you are unruly or otherwise break the law, you could be taken into custody. It is important to remember that being arrested doesn’t mean that you are guilty. What can you do to protect your rights after being arrested at a concert?

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4 WaysTo Be A Tighter Live Band

There’s nothing worse than a band that sounds great on record but sounds like garbage live. No performance is 100% perfect, but from my experience, there are things I’ve learned to overcome those mistakes and bumps in the road and still leave showgoers with the feeling that my band is halfway decent and knows what we’re doing. Here are a few of my suggestions.

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