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The Way Music Influences Student’s Mental Activity

Music is an integral part of most people. The research proves that students make 85 percent of all humans who listen to music more than two hours daily. It helps people relax, distract from problems, and even create the imaginary world full of positive emotions. Some individuals prefer creating music for listening. This activity reveals feelings and provides an aggression outlet.

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10 Surprising Benefits Of Classical Music

Did you know that listening to classics like Bach and Beethoven is actually good for your health? Many people enjoy listening to classical music while studying or working, and now we know why!

From decreasing your blood pressure to improving your memory, research has proven that listening to classical music is associated with better physical and mental health in the following ways.

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Sound Healing: Musicians As Mental Health Professionals

Negative sleep patterns, eating disorders, and unhealthy blood pressure levels are all being treated with music therapy nowadays. Some music has even been recorded specifically for healing purposes. If you’re interested in taking your career in music to a whole new level, read on!

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4 Ways You Can Make Your Own Happiness In Life Using Music

How have you been feeling lately? If you’ve been a little lost, lonely, or sad, you’re not alone. Everybody goes through rough patches in life. And if you’re currently in the middle of one, you’re probably wondering how you can get back to your happy place.

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Four Ways That Music Actually Makes You Healthier

You know that feeling you get when you hear the first few chords of your favorite song? You know how all of your stress seems to melt away, your mind goes to a happier place and time and suddenly, anything that ails you seems a little less pressing? You might think it’s just because the jam is really great, and that’s part of it. However, there’s more to it. Neuroscientists have actually shown that listening to music is good for our whole body and can make both healthier and happier at the same time. Let’s check out four benefits you could reap the next time you spin that favorite record.

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Fame Hurts - 5 Reasons Why

In the last couple of years, I’ve asked myself frequently the question if it’s possible that fame hurts. Usually when I’ve heard of another musician who died on an overdose of painkillers, like Tom Petty, Prince and Michael Jackson. This week I read that Lady Gaga is cancelling at least 10 dates if her worldwide tour because of severe pain, just like she did last year September.

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Can The Music Business Support Musicians In Taking Care Of Their Mental Health?

Many musicians have mental health issues. Most common are depression, anxiety disorder and addiction. Who is responsible for the mental health of musicians? Fans, promoters, agents, A&R managers, managers or musicians?

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4 Ways Music Is Used To Soothe And Improve Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is so prevalent today that many have referred to the time we are living in as the ‘age of anxiety.’ Even a brief look at the frantic pace and chaotic nature of modern life leaves little doubt as to why so many people are struggling with anxiety related problems. Amidst the chaos of modern life, many have taken solace from the detrimental effects of stress and anxiety in the arts, particularly through the use of music as a therapeutic tool.

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