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Threatin: Fake News, Fake Fans, Fake Reality

The media is full of negative commentaries regarding the Threatin story and to a degree rightly so, but to be fair, hasn’t variations of “hype” been going on since the beginning of the music industry? Not to mention PR stunts. Had Threatin played to clubs at least partially full of fans to see him, it would have been a success, and no one would have been the wiser for it. We simply would not have heard about it, and it would just be another industry story known to a small group of friends. Inflated stories and skewed realities are the ingredients to the legends of rock n’ roll. According to Wikipedia, Rick Rubin’s early band The Pricks “…biggest claim to fame, was being thrown off the stage at CBGB after two songs for brawling with the heckling audience. These hecklers were friends of the band instructed to instigate a confrontation so as to get the show shut down and create a buzz.

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