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4 Most Important iPhone Apps On Tour

When it comes to U.S. and Canadian musicians, it seems that we’ve chosen Apple to provide us with the best mobile devices. Some musicians tend to choose Android, but for the most part we seem pretty set on the iPhone. Whether that’s my old hand-me-down iPhone 5 from family or the newer, fancier kind of models, it just seems that we all enjoy those the best. That said, I think it’s well overdue that we put together a list of the best iPhone apps to have on the road (besides Maps, because, you know, duh). These are my most used apps that are specifically beneficial to touring.

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13 Awesome Apps For Touring Musicians

Nowadays there are tons of musicians taking it upon themselves to pack up their gear, hop in a working vehicle, and hit the road. Touring is tons of fun and definitely worth the cramped spaces, long haul drives, and occasionally tense moods. Here are 13 of the top apps we recommend for the road to make the most of your touring experience.

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