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5 Keys To Optimal Performance And Productivity For Musicians

Your real goal is an integrated mix of successful mindsets, processes, skills and habits to achieve optimal performance and workflow for the long haul.

Let’s just put that right out there.

This is what no one tells you on your race to get more likes and followers…

It’s the infrastructure to success. Your habits, skills, and mindsets, your systems and your processes are the foundation of your success in music. If you could get this infrastructure right, if you develop all these pieces into place you’ll always have the foundation from which to build on and to grow from, thus will always progress.

And isn’t that what it’s really about anyways… GROWTH? 

Artistic, Entrepeneurial and Personal growth. Expansion. 

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The 10 Rules Of Networking

An insight Bobby begins his article with is more important today than ever:

Regardless of how much talent you may have, unless someone hears about what you’re doing you’ll end up creating in your bedroom your whole life.”

This is not surprising given the ever-increasing daily uploads to Spotify (currently 40,000 tracks per day) and the general democratisation of music production, distribution, promotion and consumption through digitisation and globalisation.

In this article, I will go into each of Bobby Owsinski’s 10 rules in more detail without going into the book’s details.

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How To Partner With Your Venues And Promote Like A Pro

It’s tough. We have to work. And for some of us, gigging is the only or main source of income we’ve got. So when something is funny with the money (not funny “ha ha”, but funny “heck naw”), it could get a little stressful. But, just for a second…

What if we thought of our venues more as PARTNERSHIPS vs. PAYDAYS? What if we took some time to focus on some cool things about the club in addition to our expectations of them? 

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6 Music Business Skills All Guitarists Need To Know

For the most part, the music business skills guitarists need to build aren’t that different from skills other musicians should be equipping themselves with. Communication and networking skills. Marketing, image and branding. Punctuality and professionalism. Money and time management.

However, there are also some obscure or counterintuitive skills that guitarists should take the time to develop, like the ability to teach, write, or speak.

Have I piqued your interest? Then let’s delve in. here are six music business skills all guitarists need to know.

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6 Things Every Artist Needs From The Jump

Every rapper thinks they are the great, they think they are ready to change the game, and that’s good. However, before you can get to the top, you have to build the foundation from the bottom. With the internet today the world is at your fingertips, you just have to have the right tools.


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