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Want To Make Money As A Musician? 4 Tips For Building A DIY Home Recording Studio

If you’re a musician with some experience in audio recording, owning and operating a home studio can be a good way to make some extra money on the side or even build a full-time business. While the earnings may not be huge at first, it’s entirely possible to make $20 an hour or more for recording, mixing and mastering songs. Here are four tips that will help you put together your home studio so you can start making money from it.

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How Responsible Musicians Properly Store Delicate Musical Instruments

Instruments help musicians make breathtaking music. Musicians have to thank their instruments by looking after them appropriately as well. If you want to keep your rather fragile instrument dependable and strong in storage, then you have to focus on effective and tried and tested approaches. It’s important to never approach musical instrument storage in a careless or rash way.

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Power Chord: 4 Equipment Essentials Every Electric Guitarist Needs

Playing the electric guitar can be a lot of fun for many reasons. It can help you perform some of your favorite tunes in the world. It can even help you write a few incredible songs you can call your own. If you want to take complete advantage of your guitar proficiency, though, you need to make sure to invest in these four vital pieces of equipment.

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4 Pieces Of Equipment Every Entrepreneur Needs When Building A Music Venue

Opening your own music venue will be a great entrepreneurial venture that will allow you to explore your love for the performing arts. Having the right equipment can help make your venue successful and keep large crowds continuously coming through the doors. Here are four pieces of equipment that you will want to have when building your music venue.

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4 Home Security Measures To Keep Your Music Equipment Safe

Musicians, what if we told you there’s a burglary happening right now? We wouldn’t be lying. According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there’s a break-in every 15 seconds in the United States. Most of which occur in broad daylight. The average loss of homeowners, some of which are musicians just like you, affected by break-ins is around $2,230, which includes damages, stolen cash and other stolen property. With nearly 6,000 break-ins happening each day here in the United States, security should be top of mind. Here is how you can protect your home and the valuable equipment and priceless instruments you keep stored inside.

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