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10 Music Festivals Around The World: Exciting But Unheard Of

Guest post by Eva of Blue Oceans PR

From India to China and Lithuania - here’s a list of the most interesting music festivals around the world

April 5, 2019. Here are 10 of the best festivals around the world that most people have never hear about, collected by travel website Smart Lemur.

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How To Get Your Band Booked At Music Festivals

How to get your band Booked at Music Festivals

The allure of performing before humongous crowds of screaming fans at music festivals is irresistible for any musician. Unfortunately, landing a festival gig is easier said than done, especially when you are an emerging artist. Nevertheless, landing a slot at a music festival is an achievable goal for any desiring and committed musician. Needless to say, before putting yourself out there, you will have to learn How To Get Booked at Music Festivals first. And let’s be honest, music festival performance slots are hard to come by. Below are useful tips to help you answer the question How To Get Booked at Music Festivals.

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