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4 Signs You're Ready For A Music Publicist 

* This post was originally featured on Symphonic’s Blog by Hugh McIntyre *

Many up-and-coming musicians dream of becoming the next critical darling, of seeing their new single praised by the collective blogosphere, and of one day gracing the cover of Rolling Stone. These are all very nice dreams, but they’re tough to turn into a reality. Between writing and recording music, touring, speaking with everyone from merchandise companies to fans to booking people, and perhaps even working a job on the side the make ends meet, it can be very difficult for indie artists to also find the time to speak with dozens, if not hundreds, of music journalists.

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Do I Need A Manager Pt. 1

Is it time for a manager? Well, before we answer this, let’s quickly describe what a personal manager really does. Now the requirements can vary from case to case, but in general, the manager guides the artists career by becoming your business front. The manager is the one with…

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Is Radio Still Important – And Did Streaming Kill The Radio Star?

The music industry is caught up with streaming and playlists and with good reasons, but what about radio? How does the future look for the radio format and is it still relevant?

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