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Entries in music psychology (3)


Why Music Brings Pleasure: Demystified

In fact, composers of symphonies, rock / pop music, soundtracks and TV ads all know how to tune into the mood of their audience through musical notes and cadences that can alternate between expressions of disparate feelings: from sadness to depression, to feelings of euphoria, joy and joviality.

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How Music is Maximizing Your Productivity 

Listening to music has been a crucial part of our global culture development since the beginning of time. We listen to music to celebrate, to mourn, to run and to improve our mood. But have you ever tried listening to music for productivity?


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5 Unexpected Ways Music Improves Your Workout

With illnesses and disorders abounding in our generation, many people seem to have a run for the gym to work out stresses and tensions. These workout gigs are mostly aimed at enjoying the glow of health. What is more, you can always wear a pair of new orange leggings and sports bra. Because, you know, girls are as much a buff for exercise as boys are. I would think of fitness as not just about hitting the gym; it is also about inner happiness as well as overall well-being.

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