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How Music Therapy Can Help In Addiction Recovery?

Music can be a tranquil, relaxing, and very beneficial thing. There are so many different types of music out there and every individual has their own preferred type of music. While it can help just about anyone, music can be truly beneficial for those who are in recovery from an addiction.

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Are Musicians Really More Likely To Use Drugs?

I used to do social work for a living, the kind of social work where you work with people in the field to reinforce what they’re learning in therapy. I was also (and still am) a musician. Throughout my time as a social worker, and really throughout my life, I’ve noted the pervasive picture of the musician as addict, the musician as drug user, and the musician as junky. 

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Tones For The Troubled: 5 Health Benefits Of Music Therapy

Music is something that everyone can experience, whether it is live or streaming through your favorite album. Aside from being universal, it can also provide health benefits. Below are five health benefits of music and music therapy.

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The Benefits of Music Therapy

The idea that music is powerful is an understatement. We are all taken captive by music on a day to day basis whether it’s getting goosebumps when our favorite song comes on or when we hear a song that sparks a specific memory. Many don’t know the impact that music has on those with severe disorders such as Autism, though.

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