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Tips For Setting Up A Foolproof Home Practice Space

While it’s easy to set aside any old room for a practice space, a well thought out home music area actually requires quite a bit more prep than simply a floor, four walls, and a door that closes. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when going about creating that all important, foolproof home practice space for the homebound element of your musical journey.

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5 Innovative Resources For Bands In A Bind

When you see bands play live or on TV, one thing you don’t see is the struggle. It looks like being in a band is a rich kids’ game. Most bands — even punk ones — seem to have one thing in common — they’re stacked with good equipment, quality merch, and good on-stage wardrobes. 

That’s because they did one of the following:

  • Worked together to save a bunch of money.

  • Relied on someone in the band who has enough money and resources to bankroll the project.

  • Found someone outside of the band willing to be a benefactor.

  • Robbed a bank.

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