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5 Steps To Helping Your Band Relocate To A New Rehearsal Venue

Moving your band to a new rehearsal venue may seem overwhelming but it does not have to be. You can take steps to make the move less stressful. The following are some steps you can take to avoid some of the pitfalls of moving.

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Using A New Rehearsal Venue? How To Safely Transport Your Band Instruments 

As a musician, you must become accustomed to sudden changes of venue. When you specialize in playing instruments, safe transportation to new venues can be vital to the longevity of your instruments. Here, you will find several ways to safely transport your instruments to new rehearsal venues.

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5 Keys To Success As A Garage Band

So, you have a guitar, a voice, and some friends that want to make music. Well, in order to succeed in this difficult industry you’re going to need some help. Many bands try and fail hard because they don’t remember these important factors that will help you reach your dreams of rocking the big stage.

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The Key To Effective Rehearsals And Being Prepared For Your Next Gig

Musicians are a scattered bunch. I know you agree with me. Don’t lie.

I think some of them just glide through life with this “things are bound to happen!” mentality. I mean, optimism is great and all but you know what’s better?

Actually being in control of what’s going to happen.

Do you know how you can get more control over your music career?

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