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Rest And Relaxation: How To Chill Out After The Show

Performing can be an incredibly strenuous task. Though touring musicians might think that all they have to do is simply get up on stage each night, performing night after night is actually a great way to seriously hurt your voice and body in the long run. Even if you’re not on tour, it is important to have warm up and cool down exercises for before and after the show so you can stay focused and consistent in the days after. Since you’re likely already familiar with many different ways to warm up, here are four tips on how to relax after a big show:

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Musician's Malady: 4 Ways To Relax After A Grueling Show 

Most of a musician’s time is spent honing their craft, preparing for shows, and playing performances. However, once the shows are over, it can be hard for musicians to handle the inevitable crash felt after riding that live music high. Musicians looking to overcome this musician’s malady should try the following ideas.

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