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Tips For Saving Money While Still Eating Healthy On Tour

Guest post by Leah D. Nelson. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

Going on tour is, for many, a road trip, but it’s also incredibly hard work. It’s work from a performance, planning, and marketing standpoint, but it’s also deeply important that you take care of your body while on the road. With all the planning and organization that goes into booking and executing a successful tour (and sure, having a bit of fun along the way), the idea of eating healthy, balanced meals may not even come to mind.

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How Singer/Songwriters Can Save $100K Right Now - Today! 

$100 K. I thought that would get everyone’s attention. And it’s the first thing I say when I meet with young singer/songwriters and their parents as we start the educational process of moving up from the basic performance skills of singing their own songs and playing guitar or piano to the rarefied air of the art of entertaining. That’s what I do these days as a live music performance coach.

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