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The Music Industry Must Innovate To Tackle Secondary Ticketing Rip-Offs

This article looks at the need for innovation to tackle the issue of fans being ripped off when they buy gig tickets. “As an industry we need to be innovative and tackle the issue head on to support genuine music fans and make it easier for them to get hold of the tickets that they want when they go on sale and at a reasonable cost to them.”

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Get Your Tickets?

Adele and Bruce Springsteen are ready to take on the ticket hubs. Back in December, Springsteen’s concert tickets were already for sale on secondary market sites like StubHub, before they even went on sale to the public. These tickets were marked up five to ten times face value. Devoted fans are being shut out from seeing their favorite musicians and bands. Adele’s North American tour sold out in the matter of minutes. The concert industry must find a way to level the playing field.

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