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Music Royalties Explained: Where To Register To Get All Your Music Royalties

The right song, registered correctly, can pay your bills for the rest of your life if you’re lucky. The problem is that music royalties are complicated, and many artists don’t know where to register to collect all the royalties they may be owed. Here are the 5 places you need to register to ensure you’re being paid properly:

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How Many Spotify Streams Do You Need To Afford An Iron Man Suit?

You Need To Get 2,521,621,250,000 Streams On Spotify To Buy An Iron Man Suit. That is according to this Spotify Song Streaming Calculator.

It’s not a secret that musicians are paid very little on popular streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and even Apple Music. The pay is so little there are even rumblings of a potential “Musician’s Union,” as reported by Rolling Stone.

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Spotify Remains King, But Until When?

Spotify’s acquisition of Irish startup Soundwave just goes to show that it remains the ringleader of the music streaming niche. The company is fast-expanding amid the growing competition in the sector, seemingly leaving competitors Tidal, Rdio, and Pandora behind its shadows.

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Free Streaming - A Musician's Saving Grace

The topic of free music on the internet has been a point of discussion since the late 90’s, and with how much the industry and culture as a whole has evolved with technological progress, the conversation has changed a reasonable amount. In 2015, we have somewhat of a mediary with streaming services that don’t allow downloads, but let the music be listened to for free. While the debate can go back and forth between the opinion that artists shouldn’t care to the claim that streaming does nothing for an artist financially, I’m here to defend the thought that maybe it actually does. 

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