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Streaming Success Stories From Musicinfo And China

As children music was a wonderful game. It made you move, dance, sing and caressed you to sleep before dreamy time. Music is deeply personal and the charged emotions it evokes can often only be shared by ones you trust.

Everyone has their own music. Only artists have found the ability to share their songs to the audiences. The brave ones withstand the weather and find their true audience.

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What Makes A Good Acquisition? Music Does 

Companies embark on the acquisition route to grow their businesses and extend their reach. Naturally this happens in every industry, that’s how we get conglomerates. In the record industry the majors only became majors after they’d acquired dozens of smaller successful labels that had ‘vision’, something sometimes lacking in the multi billion corporations. 

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Innovative Music Companies To Watch As A Musician In 2019

As a music producer or audio engineer, you probably work with lots of software and most of the times additional hardware. In both cases software and hardware, you should find the most innovative companies to get accesses to the newest sounds end techniques. Okay, a lot happens in the box nowadays, but also in your own DAW, there are great innovations going on.

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iHaveit - A New Vinyl Music Collectors And Trading Platform

Launched in June 2018, provides a exciting new one stop place for music lovers to buy, sell, collect and work out the financial value of their Vinyl Records, CD’s and Tape Cassettes.

It has received a lot of interest since the launch with over 1.5million views of vinyl records and CD’s already.

The founder is Michael Veenswyk , he describes iHaveit as “a platform dedicated to music lovers, akin to a hybrid Amazon come eBay, but with a lot of music collecting features and functions specific only to music lovers”.

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No One Told Us We Had A Radio Hit In Poland!

When it comes to radio, the music industry is still primarily based on reporting. This means that mistakes and inaccuracies happens all the time. My vision is to have to a transparent music industry where music usage is based on monitoring, instead of reporting, so that in the future every artist will get compensated accurately and fairly.

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The Future For Independent Music Artists

It does not come as a surprise that the evolution of the internet has completely changed the entire music industry for the good of course. Different technologies such as streaming, sharing, eCommerce and social media are offering independent artists increased chances of exposing their musical creations to bigger audiences. This further helps the artists in increasing their fan base. However, one major drawback of having several options is that making the choice of the best source for promoting music online can be a little difficult. Therefore, in order to make the best choice, it is important for you to go through the most effective and popular online hangouts where you can get some word about your musical tones.

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Using The Lean Start Up Method For Music Promotion?

The Lean Start Up Method was first proposed in 2008 by Eric Ries the author of The Lean Startup, using his personal experiences adapting lean management principles to high-tech startup companies. The methodology is in short a way to present an idea/hypothesis to the end consumer to find the “minimum viable product” (MVP) before starting to develop a product or servie to find if there’s actually a need for the product that the end consumer is actually willing to pay for. The method has been expanded to apply to any individual, team, or company looking to introduce new products or services into the market. But how about music?

A recent course have been added to Udemy showing how to implement Lean Start Up methods into building a music career while building a fanbase. There haven’t been much content about this subject but some have touched on it such as Ryan Tanaka, Matt Shadetek and George Howard. Giving examples on how Demo’s could be called the “MVP” but often takes way to long and to much resources to be called the Lean Method. Matt gives the examples when often UK rappers made “dubplates” pressed singles to radio DJ’s to find out if it was a hit or not. That way knowing if it’s worth persuing pressing or releasing the new single.

Now with Live streaming and direct feedback with social media whould this be the new way to create music and engage with fans?


Six 8

The team behind Six8, a live music community, are beyond proud to present to you Six8 – A live music community.  Uber for live entertainment, Airtasker for artists, AirBNB for venues: Six8 is live music entering the sharing economy.

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Allmusicrating Has Launched Its First Music Rating System Called EARs©

“Music discovery services are now trying to suggest new bands and new music to listeners, but what is happening is that users are blasted with recommendations that are offering ‘more of the same” says Elias, the founder of EARs. “What we are trying to do is provide users with a service of making their own music selection’s, based on their own taste”.

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