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High Notes: How Intelligent Artists Seek Further Inspiration

Artistry isn’t the easiest thing. Making great art isn’t something that you can simply do on command. It’s a process that calls for a lot of thought and care. It’s a process that requires a degree of “magic,” too. If you’re a smart artist who wants inspiration that can assist you with your work, then you should look into various helpful routes right now.

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Four Ways That Music Actually Makes You Healthier

You know that feeling you get when you hear the first few chords of your favorite song? You know how all of your stress seems to melt away, your mind goes to a happier place and time and suddenly, anything that ails you seems a little less pressing? You might think it’s just because the jam is really great, and that’s part of it. However, there’s more to it. Neuroscientists have actually shown that listening to music is good for our whole body and can make both healthier and happier at the same time. Let’s check out four benefits you could reap the next time you spin that favorite record.

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Tones For The Troubled: 5 Health Benefits Of Music Therapy

Music is something that everyone can experience, whether it is live or streaming through your favorite album. Aside from being universal, it can also provide health benefits. Below are five health benefits of music and music therapy.

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4 Ways To Battle The Stress Of Managing Your Own Music Career

This article originally appeared on the Sonicbids blog

We’ve said it a thousand times: being an independent musician isn’t easy. Part of the difficulty in that effort is managing the stress it brings. When you’re overwhelmed, achieving your goals can seem impossible. Minimizing the pressure is paramount.

The four points outlined here are pretty basic, but the effects of wholeheartedly incorporating them can be tremendous. If you often find yourself stressed about your career, try them out, and let us know how things go in the comments section.

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