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10 Great Mobile Apps That Allow Me (And You) To Create Awesome Music From Scratch

Guest post by Evan Zwisler of Soundfly’s Flypaper

For such a long time, I resisted using apps to make music. I thought they must just be crappy, tiny versions of what they’re attempting to emulate (soft synthesizersDAWsdigital instruments), or lame tools for musicians younger than I. Well, turns out I was wrong.

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Tips For First-Time Instrument And Audio Equipment Buyers

When it comes to buying musical instruments or other equipment, many musicians struggle–including those who aren’t making a first-time purchase. Buying a new instrument or piece of equipment is stressful, to say the least. There are a lot of different factors to consider, and if you’re not careful, you can easily make a purchase that leaves you with a serious case of buyer’s remorse. Follow these tips to avoid feeling guilt or regret after your next purchase. 

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Power Chord: 4 Equipment Essentials Every Electric Guitarist Needs

Playing the electric guitar can be a lot of fun for many reasons. It can help you perform some of your favorite tunes in the world. It can even help you write a few incredible songs you can call your own. If you want to take complete advantage of your guitar proficiency, though, you need to make sure to invest in these four vital pieces of equipment.

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Tunes And Technology: 5 Ways To Promote Your Music Online

Even if your band is amazing and your recordings are tight, marketing and promoting your music can be an art form. When it comes to promoting your music online, this adds even more complexity to the process. One reason for this is because you are competing with millions of other highly refined online bands and musicians. However, with the right promotions strategy, you can get your music before a wide audience of new fans in no time. The following are five ways to promote your music online you should be actively doing now.

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New Infographic “The Sound Of Music” Looks At Famous Songs In An Unusual Way

One of the UK’s leading acoustic foam manufacturers has created a new infographic called “The Sound of Music” which reveals 20 fascinating anecdotes about the accidental and unusual sounds captured in the studio and found on some of the world’s most iconic songs.

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Top Gear For Indie Artists

There are endless amounts of indie bands out there that all sound completely different because of one reason: they have a certain sound. Though all band’s sound different, they all rely on and cherish the one thing that makes them different, their gear. Gear gives bands a means of self-expression and individuality to their sound, which is what all bands strive for. Here’s the top gear for indie bands to experiment with to take their sound to nirvana.

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