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Why You Need To Sit On Your Tracks Before Sending Them Out To People

Picture this: You’ve just spent some quality time finishing a new track and it’s brilliant.

You’re super pumped for other people to hear it and can’t wait to send it to people for feedback, maybe get a preview up on Soundcloud or even get it released on Spotify etc.


Before you do anything with the track, you need to wait.

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The Three-And-A-Half-Minute Song

Caught in a daze, I found myself staring at my computer screen at a large list of music titles from my “Indie Chillout” Spotify playlist when I had a keen observation. Song number one, length = 3:21, song two, length = 3:25, song three, length = 3:43, so on and so forth. A similarity among all the track titles, a majority of them ranging roughly from approximately 3 minutes and 15 seconds to 4 minutes and an average song length of all 100 tracks of 3 minutes and 50 seconds (a minimum length of 2:24 and a maximum length of 6:10). It isn’t just happenstance that this is around the average song length time for almost all major genres of music. In fact, there are several reasons why most songs fall within this time range as explained below.

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9 Steps To Securing A Brand Sponsorship As A Musician

Whether your band is planning a tour or releasing new music, chances are it’s not going to be cheap. Brand sponsorship allows artists to do what they do best without worrying about the capital it will take to do so. Here are 9 steps to take when approaching a brand for sponsorship. 

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