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4 Easy Transportation Methods For Your Band’s Next Tour

One thing that you may fail to consider as you start booking gigs for your band is how you are going to get to all of your gigs. If you have only small instruments, it may be easy to pile everyone into a sedan and pop guitars in the trunk. However, most bands have larger equipment, including microphones, speakers, cables and other items that can take up quite a bit of room. Here are four other options that can help you get from your home or practice space to a gig whether it is just across town or across the country.

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In The Band: 4 Tips To Having The Best Tour Of Your Music Career

If you’re in a band, you’ve likely dreamt of going on tour. This can be a great time to explore new territories and play for appreciative audiences. However, as fun as a tour can be, you need to take things seriously. A great tour requires plenty of extensive planning. Here are four tips to having the best tour of your music career.

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Using A New Rehearsal Venue? How To Safely Transport Your Band Instruments 

As a musician, you must become accustomed to sudden changes of venue. When you specialize in playing instruments, safe transportation to new venues can be vital to the longevity of your instruments. Here, you will find several ways to safely transport your instruments to new rehearsal venues.

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