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10 Music Festivals Around The World: Exciting But Unheard Of

Guest post by Eva of Blue Oceans PR

From India to China and Lithuania - here’s a list of the most interesting music festivals around the world

April 5, 2019. Here are 10 of the best festivals around the world that most people have never hear about, collected by travel website Smart Lemur.

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FAA Ruling For Air Travel: You CAN Carry On Your Guitar!

Remember: the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a final rule to implement section 403 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (Pub. L. 112-95, 49 U.S.C. §41724) regarding the carriage of musical instruments as carry-on baggage or checked baggage on commercial passenger flights operated by air carriers. The final rule does not change the earlier provisions of the Act, but mercifully puts a period at the end of the sentence: “Section 403 of the Act and this final rule provide that “carriers are required to allow passengers to stow their musical instruments in an approved stowage area in the cabin only if at the time the passenger boards the aircraft such stowage space is available.”

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Get The Show On The Road With Gig Transport!

No matter your choice of medium, bringing your art on the road is key to your success. Whether you’re a musician, actor, or travelling artist, you’ll need to consider packing up as safely and efficiently as possible before a tour.

We’ve put together a quick guide to getting the show on the road no matter what your gig entails. These simple tips should be beneficial to the smallest performance or the largest showcase.

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On The Road: 5 Tips To Help Your Band Travel Light When On Tour

Getting your band’s name out there is not simple. One thing you might have to do is plan tours and commit to being on the road. One of the hardest things about being on the road is carrying a heavy load but you actually do not have to. The following are five tips for traveling light.

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5 Albums To Roadtrip To This Winter

The “holiday season” as it’s called is a time of change and contemplation, as well as travel. A lot of us end up traveling for the holidays, driving for long periods of time through snowstorms and fog to see our loved ones. Some of us just use the winter time to go skiing or see new places that thrive in snowy environments. Whether you’re riding along with your snowbird parents or just going by yourself, a fun part of preparation is what you’ll be listening to.

Road tripping, moving, simple holiday travels — the soundtrack to your journey will often stay with your memories of it. Here are some of my favorite winter-travel tunes.

1. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (Soundtrack)

If you’re driving with a loved one, this is a good 41 minutes of conversation music. I know that Christmas is already over, but if you are still in the holiday spirit, this record is for you. Not only will it keep you in the mood for Christmas, but it’s not overwhelmingly loud on the vocals, so you can continue to chat while it plays in the background.

2. “Even If It Kills Me” by Motion City Soundtrack

This is a great driving in the snow record for people my age who remember the “emo” days of junior high and high school. Really an underrated talent, Motion City Soundtrack’s “Even If It Kills Me” is an album that got lost in the shadow of its precursors and peers. The mood of the album is sad and mellow, but yet pretty hopeful at the end of it and has some great, emotionally intense moments. I remember listening to this in the back of my parents car in the tenth grade while driving up to McCall, ID, and I’ll always look at it as a winter album. It’s a great one to sing along to with a friend or family member who also loves it.

3. “Reunion Tour” by the Weakerthans

A lot of people talk about the album Reconstruction Site, but I think it’s a bit too country for a drive through the cold and snow, albeit emotional and sad in the way the Weakerthans are so good at. Reunion Tour begins with a song, “Civil Twilight”, about a Canadian bus driver in the winter reminiscing, and if that doesn’t say “midnight drive in the snow” to you then I don’t know what does. As the album goes on, the emotional tones of the record along with the contemplative, reflective, and remorseful lyrics work to help you reflect on your year and think about some of the deeper questions of life (it is John K. Samson, of course).

4. “Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer” by Relient K

Again, high school was cool. Relient K’s Christmas album really takes me back to — again — driving in the snow, all winter of 2008. Religious lyrics aside, this is just a fun album to listen to if you want a more upbeat, punky approach to typical Christmas songs. It’s silly, fun, and lighthearted. While most of the albums I’ve listed here are more sad or contemplative, this album does a little bit of everything while still leaving you with a smile on your face.

5. “For Emma, Forever Ago” by Bon Iver

This record has a somber, wintery feel that really fits the mood in the middle of a road trip. Driving through a snowstorm, nothing totally keeps you contemplative and peaceful feeling like the debut release by Wisconsin’s Bon Iver, AKA Justin Vernon. It depends, of course, on how the holidays make you feel. But for me this is a great album if I want to think about life and contemplate where I’ve come in the past year.

What are your favorite winter road trip albums? If you don’t celebrate Christmas but still travel for the holidays, what songs do you listen to and what holiday do you celebrate? Let me know on Twitter @Robolitious.


5 Albums To Roadtrip To This Winter