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AWAL Flatter Unsigned Artists And Inhibit Independence

Every unsigned musician wants the same thing: Someone to listen to their music, love their music and help them make a career from their music. This quest for the life changing moment is perfectly dramatised by shows like the X-Factor who make it sound so perfect and simple. You rock-up to an audition, sing your heart out and you become a star.

However, what these shows don’t explain is the business model behind the glamour. Who is paying? How does the artist gets paid? and does this actually represent a good deal for the artist? FYI signing away a large percentage of your future income for all previous and future releases without any guaranteed you’ll make final is unlikely to be a good deal.

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How YouTube Betrayed The Friendship Of Unsigned Musicians

This article questions the value of YouTube to unsigned artists. Why are YouTube still not paying unsigned artists for every stream?  There are 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every day, driving projected net advertising revenues of $3.96 billion in 2018. Google are starting to look evil.

YouTube a new distribution channel for unsigned artists


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The Music Marketing Manifesto: 10 Principles For Success

Five years ago, we were asked to write a simple marketing guide for unsigned bands and independent artists. We came up with ten principles for success and it was shared on the Unsigned Guide Music Blog. Since then the music industry has changed dramatically with the shift from music sales to music access. iTunes has been replaced by Apple Music and downloads with streaming. Spotify is increasingly becoming the default music service for the masses. With these developments ringing in our ears, we decided to update our principles for success.

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