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How To Clean Vinyl Records

Ever play a vinyl record and listen to the clicks and pops an old record makes? All those sounds can be prevented by simply keeping your records free of dirt and debris. The better you care for your records, the longer they will remain quiet, all you hear is the music on the record. Using a record cleaning machine is the best way to clean a record, but these devices are often expensive. There are plenty of cheap alternatives that will ultimately complete the job much faster and with the same quality as using a cleaning machine.

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Why DIY Musicians Need To Be Pressing Vinyl 

Vinyl records are on a 25-year sales high. It’s projected that 40 million units will be sold in 2017 alone. That makes it the first time it’s come close to the 1 billion benchmark this millennium. With the death of many music heavyweights this year and the availability of budget record players the combination of nostalgia and low barrier to entry is leading to many taking the leap back into vinyl. 

So what does this mean for the DIY musician?

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Millennials Are Buying Vinyl, But Not From Record Stores

From the high street, you’d be forgiven for thinking the growth in vinyl sales was a myth. We’re not seeing the high streets overrun with record stores, and those that do exist are populated, for the most part, by the usual suspects. Younger generations are only treading tentatively in their doorways. So who’s buying? And where?

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Vinyl Record Sales Surges And Music Events Go Viral, Thanks To Rising Popularity Of Online Music Streaming

Downloads of music clips are down, and sales of music compact discs (CDs) are dropping—both of which are casualties of the battle for the hearts and minds of millions of music buffs who are more than willing to pay a few bucks to hear their favorite tunes. And the winner of this particular round happens to be online music streaming, which (to those who might have been living in a cave the past year) plays a cell device user’s favorite songs at a few simple clicks.

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