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How To Get Your First Sync Placement: Live Webinar With Cathy Heller And Lisa Occhino

Want to learn the secrets of a DIY songwriter who figured out how to earn six figures each year licensing her music for TV and film?

The early stages of your songwriting career can be both exciting and frustrating: you’re sitting on dozens of songs with lots of promise, but you have no idea what the next steps are to actually start earning money with those songs.

In this webinar on June 11 hosted by SongwriterLink founder Lisa Occhino, special guest Cathy Heller will share tried-and-true tips, advice, and action steps to start licensing your music and turn your passion into your career.

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Learn The Secrets Of Writing A Catchy, Memorable Hook At SongwriterLink’s Webinar On 10/22/16

In this webinar on October 22, 2016 presented by SongwriterLink and Songwriting magazine, Friedemann Findeisen will share the proven formulas and songwriting tools you need to write strong hooks every time.

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