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The 5 Worst Things About Being A Musician Around The Holidays

You might have noticed it’s December and everyone is full of cheer.  But the winter holidays aren’t just about decorations and egg nog.  When you’re a musician, there are also some pretty annoying sides to this time of year.  Here’s our rundown of your worst holiday moments as a musician.

1.  Christmas song requests at your friend’s holiday party.

The only thing worse than being forced to lead Christmas Day carols with your Aunt Martha is being at a party, probably a couple glasses of wine deep, and having someone pull out their acoustic guitar and say, “Hey, can’t you play the guitar?”  What starts as one harmless “Silver Bells” can quickly devolve into the tipsy ladies belting “All I Want for Christmas is You,” on repeat, and soon the party is over.  

2.  Not-too-subtle comments of disapproval on your “life choice” from your parents

It’s so nice getting to spend time with the family around the holidays.  Then around day two the snarky comments pop up. “So how’s the music thing going?” (As if that “thing” weren’t a job that’s fully supported you for the last ten years.) 

3. Having to hit up three holiday shows a night, for three weeks in a row. 

Holiday parties and shows are fun.  For the first two days.  Then it becomes a cold, exhausted blur of loud noise, lights, business cards, album exchanges, and late night snacking.  And to make matters worse, they start on December 1st now. So you’re out every night (and hungover every day) until January 2nd.

4. Carrying your gear around in the snow. 

As much of a pain it sometimes is lugging around your instruments after a long day and night of playing, it’s a million times worse in freezing temperatures, during snowstorms, or trudging through slush.  While a slip on an icy sidewalk may mean a sprained wrist and bump on the head for you, your vintage acoustic guitar could fare a lot worse if it’s not in a hard case.

5.  Listening to the same four songs on repeat in every store. 

No matter where you go around the holidays, Christmas music is playing.  But most stores play the same couple Christmas songs, as performed by Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, or the cast from Glee.  Nothing wrong with those versions, but wouldn’t it be great if once in a while they mixed it up with Fleet Foxes, She & Him, or the bird and the bee?  You know that there are more Christmas melodies yet to be written - ready to start the resolution?



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