The Art of DJing | Getting Into The Hobby
July 22, 2015
Patrick Gerald in DJing, Realizing Your Goals, hobby

For many musicians music is a way of life, but for aspiring DJs music can be more than just that: Music is an obsession. 

Getting into the Hobby

Before you make the jump and begin purchasing equipment & DJ accessories, take a good look at the industry and decide whether analog or digital will be the direction you opt to take your career. If the classic analog style is calling to you, then it’s time to invest in a solid foundation to get moving ahead. Plan to spend a good amount of time and money on turntables. You’ll most likely want two turntables that have direct drive motors for scratching and pausing while spinning.

Go for Quality (if you’re serious)

Purchase items with high quality sound and consider a pre amp for a sound boost, as well. Even though digital won’t be your main stay, be sure to include USB inputs for those times you wish you have digital analog interface. Next you’ll want to invest in a mixer, which works as a filter with the analog signals. Your mixture should feature an isolator for frequency bands, a level meter to stabilize sound and reduce distortion, a gain meter, which can match volume of varying tracks, a cue button for beat match, and a crossfader for smooth transition from one channel to another. As for your records, ensure these gems are in tiptop shape with cleaning fluid and specialty brushes. For more information on DJ equipment, check out the following infographic.


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