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The Benefits Of Having Good Networking Skills Can Lead To Lucrative Opportunities

Article By: Young Cory

Artists signed to major record labels and well seasoned independent record labels have the luxury of being surrounded by a team. This includes but not limited to, a Lawyer, A&R, Manager, Record Label Executive, etc. As a collective their job is to take care and handle the business affairs of any recording artist (songwriters/producers) under their tutelage, while also utilizing their unique connections and cachet. It’s much easier to execute and focus on creating music when you have an adept team whose tirelessly working for you. For newly independent artist (Labels) it’s not quite the same. In the beginning stages you’ll usually have to do all the hard work alone until you’re able to hire, or partner with individuals that will promote, develop, and help with the improvement of your career (brand). To reach new heights you must remain very passionate about your brand. No one should be more excited and willing to expand alongside make new connections than yourself.

Here are some “Tips” to help improve your networking skills and three places you should consider networking.

Online: Online is a good place to start, especially since we’re living in a digital age where the internet is regarded as a prominent tool. Be sure to take full advantage of search engines, music platforms, and social media.

Tip: Use search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, etc) to learn more information about a person/company you’d like to connect with. This way before you reach out to them in a respectable manner you will have already done your homework on them. Which will make conversing with them flow much more smoothly.

Tip: Same applies for music platforms like SoundCloud. The German based music platform is home to millions of users that are Songwriters, Recording Artist, Singers, Producers, Labels, Fans, etc. Again before you try to reach out and interact with a fellow Artist, Producer, Songwriter, it wouldn’t hurt to thoroughly listen to a couple of their tracks beforehand. If you like what you hear, click the “Like” button, leave a comment, re-post the song on your page.

Local Shows: It’s not difficult to find new acts (solo musicians, bands) in your area. Visit your neighborhood bars and local venues to discover if and when acts are performing live. If you happen to be a artist with good quality music who can also put on a stellar show, local bands might ask you to open up for them. Possibly even introduce you to other bands, promoters, and club owners. In no time your fan base will gradually grow, so naturally you’ll start booking out shows of your own. With the steady rise of music streaming and album sales (Physical/Downloads) being less than what they were in years prior, this popular old phrase is very much alive, “There’s no money like show money”.

Tip: Approach performers after live shows and introduce yourself, buy a Physical CD, or a T-Shirt if they’re selling merchandise. This type of gesture may seem insignificant, but sometimes it means the world to local musicians.

Tip: Exchange social media accounts (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with performers. This way you can stay up to date on their next live performance. Also Like and share flyers to show support, then attend their future performances with your friends and fans to help them fully pack out shows.

Seminars/Music Panels: Seminars and Music Panels are the perfect place to exercise your networking skills while obtaining substantial knowledge. Alongside learning from celebrities and expert music composers, you’ll also receive insight from key power players in the entertainment industry who mostly operate behind the scenes. If you reside in the Los Angeles area, or somewhere nearby i highly recommend you attend “I Am Musicology” a bi-monthly Seminar (with special guest panelist) put together by an outstanding young lady named Brittney Boston.

Tip: Take notes during the duration of a seminar. Usually towards the end audience members are granted an opportunity to ask the panelist questions.

Tip: Once the seminar is over panelist tend to stick around for quite a few minutes. This will be your chance to informally meet them and engage in a genuine conversation. Refrain from coming off as too aggressive with your approach. Kindly express the admiration you have for them, then politely ask for their email address opposed to immediately asking for their phone number.

Conclusion - Networking online is a great place to begin. Though in my personal opinion the impact of interacting with someone face to face is far greater than connecting with them through technological devices and the internet. When you meet people in person, your body language will speak before you’ll even get a chance to utter any words out of your mouth. So try not to be shy, walk in confidence and step outside your comfort zones. Most importantly don’t hesitate, nor be afraid to meet well established, new individuals that you can build and grow with. Lastly, one of the most vital components of good networking skills comes from offering your support and services to others, instead of just counting on what they can do for you and your career.

Young Cory is a Songwriter, independent Recording Artist, Manager (Disdain Management), & Record Label Executive (Founder, President/CEO) at Disdain Rebel Records, Inc. Disdain Rebel Records (DRR) is a fully independent record label based in the San Fernando Valley (West Hills, CA). DRR is home to A&R’s, local Songwriters, Recording Artist, and Producers from around the globe. Including 89 Beats, 20Til Ric, JJ Beatz,Swisha Kid, Hype, & Brian Patrick. Disdain Management is a full service entertainment, Artist Development/ Management company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Disdain Rebel Records. Young Cory is currently working on a new album set to be released in autumn (2016). If you’d like to connect with YC, or have any questions you’ll like to ask, contact him via Twitter


The Benefits Of Having Good Networking Skills Can Lead To Lucrative Opportunities

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