The Best Ways To Approach Record Labels
September 17, 2014
Joshua Crawford

So, you’re in a band and want to get signed. Welcome to a very large club! Unfortunately, most bands won’t get signed, but in this article we’re going to discuss how to give yourself the very best chance. 

Of course, the first place to start is in creating great music that people want to listen to and see live. Sounds obvious, but amongst all of the music marketing aspects that bands need to think about these days, it’s something that can often be forgotten. Hone your sound, create something unique, and make sure that your band has a clear identity. 

No matter how good your music, what you need to bare in mind is that record labels receive thousands of demos a week. What’s more, in the digital age they get sent thousands of YouTube links, and get plenty of attention on social networks by bands and their fans trying to get attention. So, to get your sound heard, you need to think outside of the box and follow these key tips to give yourself the best chance to succeed:

  1. Be polite: being rude, egotistical, or demanding is not going to get you anywhere. If you have a bit of diva in you, keep it in at this point. Record labels are dealing with a LOT of music, so if yours is with a message that is anything but 100% polite, chances are you’re not going to get the attention you deserve
  2. Be brief: whilst you want to explain your bands history, bear in mind the time that potential scouts have for each artist. Sum yourselves up quickly, or maybe even visually by using a tool like Canva to create some great explanatory images
  3. Stand out: make sure that you present yourself in the best way possible. Try sending something physical such as a personalized USB drive from the likes of USB Makers, or a personalized print or postcard with your music from the likes of Moo
  4. Show popularity: it’s hard for some people to brag – but make sure the scouts know just how popular you are. This might mean including links to your YouTube or SoundCloud pages, or even a Facebook link. Other options could be to include footage from some of your shows featuring your fans. Either way, make it clear that you’re riding the crest of a wave with your fans.

The key is not to get disheartened. Try your best to keep your chin up, and keep creating music and sending it out. Sooner or later, if you try hard enough, you’ll get the attention that you deserve!

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