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The Hector Letter

Hector from The Hector Fund has a love/hate relationship with The Lefsetz Letter…so he manages this internal conflict by offering this, The Hector Letter. As Bob himself might say, “Because it’s RELEVANT”.

Today’s industry is a sham. Artists make music that nobody claims they want to hear, and the folks that people do listen to suck. Driving down Blue Hill Ave, I pop a tape into my deck and prepare to be amazed. My pal Kato over at Fenway sent it to me. He knows what’s up. He manages MGMT - one of the biggest acts in the world right now

“I was born in a barrel of butcher knives/Shot in the ass with two Colt .45s”

Dirty Rudy Ray Moore, aka Dolemite is where it’s at. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Philosophical. Experiential. He hears YOU. He understands YOU.

Last week I was running with a crowd out in LA. It was a clear night, the kind you hear about in Harlequin novels. Big time folks, but friends all the same. On one side, Gary Glitter was talking up a young Vietnamese boy. Perez was sharing his Valtrex prescription with Lindsey, and in the pool at The Standard (the one in Hollywood, not the Entourage set posing as a hotel Downtown) the brothers Jonai were playing chicken with JC Chasez and the old guard.

Then the mood shifted. I popped on the Dolemite tape. Even Trent had to stop talking about whatever it is he talks about.

“I’ve been slapped by a bear and bit by an eel/I chew up railroad iron, and shit out steel.”

Revelatory. Inspiring. Paradigm shifting. This is MUSIC. This is the feeling. This is LIFE.

Music is all the same. Whether it’s in my Trans Am driving down Blue Hill Ave, or rollin’ down the Strip in my ’74 Pinto. This is what the life is all about. And Dirty Rudy Ray, Dolemite - well, he keeps it real.

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Reader Comments (6)

I love reading this blog.

But this post was bordering being nonsensical.

June 13 | Unregistered CommenterConfused

huh.. I thought it was pretty funny. Great parody of Lefsetz.

June 13 | Unregistered CommenterBruce

Funny post, but the whole blog provides no real insight other than to make fun of lefsetz and is basically used to promote the awful clone artist funding website.

If you want to read real lefsetz deconstruction read this:

I just looked at for the first time.. why is it terrible? lots of users, simple design.. can you clarify?


i missworded my post
kickstarter is awesome. i am a project backer there, is basically a bad kickstarter clone.

more info here:

Yes The Hector Fund and Kickstarter both raise money for artists while using value propositions and perks, but the process is much different at the root.

Kickstarter is free and because of that I dont know the kind of support you get from the organization (how would the organization even cover expenses?).

The Hector Fund takes a percentage of donations, but is hands on for the life of the campaign, going as far as developing mobile applications for the artists.

They are 2 different entities, if you get past just looking at the home page of each website.

Are Google and Yahoo different.....yes.

So what if The Hector People wrote up a parody Lefsetz letter? We all get 1 - 3 letters from Bob a day. I dont choose to read each one, just like I dont choose to read each blog post on Music Think Tank. The fact that The Hector crew presented the post in a hip/funny way, kept me reading because "I got it" . I dont think any of my friends would have any idea what this was all about. The letter made me feel part of an inside joke, which is nice in internet land. This post was better than reading about Twitter for the hundredth time.


June 16 | Unregistered CommenterSeth

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