The Music Industry Won’t Always Be Like This
April 7, 2016
Jon Hockley in Artist Development, Music Business, Personal Development, artist development, music business
No one is listening to you at showcases. People prefer your memes to your songs on social media. People don’t understand your solo sections.
Any of these relate to you?
If they do you may be having doubts about your abilities? Maybe you don’t think your music is good enough? Maybe you just want to jack the whole thing in.
The thing is, maybe there is nothing wrong with your music or your solos or your style.  It could be just be a simple case of ‘right place wrong time’. Perhaps your music is great but no one is ready for it? Maybe the few people that matter are listening to you at showcases. Maybe your memes are preferred to your music because you do all your posting in the morning when no one has the time to listen to music.
I want to change your perspective on common problems so that you don’t let your art suffer. I want you to shift the blame from your music to that of your environment. I want you to see that your music does have value.
Some of these problems are easy to solve such as changing the time you post online to when people have more time to listen. Changing the clubs your perform at to find people that prefer your style or just not trying to please everyone. Even changing the genre tag on your profile from electronic to alternative can have a big impact on who listens to you.
So you see by changing your environment, changing the way people see you will alter their experience with your music. It’s never totally about your skills so remember this before you reach for the erase button: Just because your music ins’t popular doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Change the frame, not the picture.

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